Reserviere BBQ Genghis Khan Hirafu SeinikuTen

● When you come to the store, we ask for your cooperation in temperature measurement and disinfection. ● If fever (37.3 degrees or higher) is confirmed during temperature measurement, the target person cannot enter the store.
● Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the store.
● We ask for your cooperation in safety measures against the new coronavirus. We are trying to operate according to the new Hokkaido style. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
※※※※ Guidance at the time of reservation ※※※※
◆ Customers who wish to order by à la carte, please select "Reservation only for seats" and make a reservation. ◆ Course reservations are made for each group, so please enter the number of people to make a reservation. ◆ For reservations from the Hotel Concierge, please make a reservation from the dedicated reservation at the bottom of the page.
◆ If you have children under 12 years old, please let us know the number and age. * Children's chairs are limited.
◆ The menu is subject to change depending on the purchasing situation. (Important: There is no children's course in the 2020-2021 menu, so please order a single item.)
◆ Seating time is limited to 2 hours during busy hours.
◆ Same-day reservations can be made online until 12:00. Please contact us by phone after 17:00. (0136-21-2229)
◆ We do not allow alcohol or wine to be brought in.
◆ Please contact us in advance if you would like a birthday plate. Cancellation fee
◇ 19 people or less ... 3 days before the reservation date to the day before: Course fee 50% x number of people, same day: 100%
◇ Group of 20 people or more ... 1 week before the reservation date to the day: 100% course fee x number of people Minutes * For reservations of more than 20 people, the course fee must be paid in advance by wire transfer. (Card payment is possible)
◇ If you do not come to the store after 20 minutes of the reservation time, it will be canceled. In that case, please note that a cancellation fee (100% course fee x number of people) will be charged.
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