Reserviere Niseko Sanroku Jingisukan

Reservation Information We are now accepting reservations for winter 2023-2024 (December 1st to April 6th)! ◆Reservations can only be made for the set menu. In addition, we have many seats available on the day for the general public. Please visit our store directly. ※※※※Please check the following notes before proceeding with your reservation ※※※※ ◆Seats will be available for 120 minutes from the reservation time. Please note that if you arrive late, you will not be able to change your usage time. <About course reservations> ◆Please make reservations for the same course for each group. (For children, please choose the kids course.) Reservations for the children's course only are not possible. Thank you for your understanding in advance. ◆Courses cannot be changed on the day. <About concierge reservations> *If you would like to make a reservation through the hotel concierge, please make your reservation from the dedicated reservations section at the bottom of the page. (Please note that reservations cannot be made by non-partner accommodation facilities or general customers. Reservations made by non-partners will be cancelled.) <Entry of children> ◆Children between 7 and 11 years old should choose the kids course. . Also, children over the age of 12 cannot make reservations for the kids course.Please choose the regular course. <Regarding the number of people making reservations> ◆For group customers, please contact us by email. Email address: <Others> ◆We do not allow alcohol, wine, etc. to be brought into the venue. <About reservations and payments> To confirm your reservation, a credit card deposit is required for your meal. All payments will be made at the store on the day. (Reservations made by credit card are deposits and are not processed. Reservations made by debit card are paid immediately.) In the event of cancellation, the deposit at the time of reservation will be charged based on the cancellation policy. I'll have it.
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Please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate you, but as we cannot separate cooking utensils and cooking areas, there is a possibility of secondary infection. Please note that we cannot accommodate severe allergies or Halal.

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