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Motomachi, 3-14-5, Kobe, Chuo-ku, Hyogo
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Simple, luxurious Spanish cuisine to cook with firewood
A simple and fashionable hideout in a Kobe back alley

It is quietly located in an alley of Motomachi, Kobe. There is a door like an entrance of a private house. The signboard is on the wall with a plate bearing the name, but it seems easy to pass by unless you look carefully. The interior of the shop has a wood grain table, and it is a simple building that makes calm and relaxing time without any flashy ornaments except the sand color walls.

Cooked only with firewood, dishes that bring out the flavor

The attitude that "meals are to sustain life" is that the only heat source is firewood fire. Grilling meat and fish with firewood and seasoning based on Spanish food is very simple. Enjoy homemade smoked butter on homemade bread, and smoked ice cream for dessert. Enjoy the taste and goodness of wood fire by smoking. Also, for wine pairing, the Sommelier offers several kinds of wine to suit meals.

Passion is visible behind the commitment to the meal

In order to use firewood only a small number of reservations can be accepted, the menu is only a one course menu, and the time to start providing cuisine is decided. However, behind it seems that the depth of burning with firewood and the passion for enjoying delicious things that made use of the material and enjoying it are obscure.

¥10,000 ~ ¥20,000
¥15,000 ~
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Motomachi, 3-14-5, Kobe, Chuo-ku, Hyogo

4 minutes walk (255m)


4 minutes walk (280m)

Motomachi Station

4 minutes walk (280m)

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