Karang - AYANA Bali
**Drone and Photography Policy**
To ensure everyone's safety and privacy – guests, staff, and the local community – drones are not allowed to be operated within or around the AYANA hotel area without prior written consent from Hotel management. This rule applies to all drones, whether used by the public, or the media.

Additionally, using professional photography equipment with tripods is not permitted. This guideline is in place to maintain guest safety and avoid obstructing the views of others.

Should you have any queries regarding our drone policy, kindly approach our staff for assistance.

**Table Release Regulation**
We will hold your reservation for 15 minutes. If your party has not arrived within that time, we will make the table available to other guests.

**Group Bookings**
The maximum number of guests per booking is 7. For groups of up to 15 guests, please email fb.reservation@ayanaresort.com. For 16 guests or more, please email events.bali@ayana.com.