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COVID-19 Relief for Restaurants

As an effort to support restaurants who have been experiencing hardships from the current Covid-19 pandemic, as of April 16th, 2020, TableCheck Inc., (Head office: Chuo War, Tokyo Prefecture, CEO: Yu Taniguchi, hereafter referred to as TableCheck) which offers a reservation and customer management system for restaurants in 25 countries and regions worldwide, is pleased to announce the development of three new services These services will be free-of-charge until further notice both setup fee and monthly costs waived.

Since the Japanese government declaring state of emergency on April 16th, the restaurant industry has been suffering through multiple problems. A fair number of restaurants are experiencing up to 80% decrease in visitors compared to the same period last year. As social distancing and self-quarantine is enforced by the government, the industry is seeking for alternative ways to relieve their businesses. With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves and have now developed three new services.

This will allow restaurants to provide pickup services to their diners, allowing for automatic reservations 24 hours, delivery options, and prepaid meal vouchers for customers to purchase. All of the featured services will be free-of-charge and can be setup within one business day at the shortest.

Pickup, Delivery & Vouchers. Free-of-charge and can be set up within a day

With existing delivery services, restaurants are faced with a high commission each time an order is placed. In Japan, there has been an increase in new applications and inquiries for our existing services. However, due to the social distance practices, there has been unforeseen delays. As a result, restaurants must bear the burden of time and money required to advertise a new takeout or online services to its diners. Thus, we are offering to provide these services as a temporary remedy.

Initial, Monthly and service charge: Waived

As temporary relief against COVID-19, minimize the cost burden restaurants must bear. Manage all takeout and delivery orders.

Expedite these services in just a single day

Start using these services as soon as possible within the day of applying. We will meet the demands of restaurants who need immediate support, including advance payment options.

Recommended Qualification

Currently, this offer qualified for restaurants that are temporarily restricted from accepting reservations due to the suspension of operations or experiencing dramatic decrease in sales. Businesses that typically accept reservations under normal operating conditions are all qualified.

Please direct all inquiries regarding this subject to:

TableCheck Inc.
E-mail: info@tablecheck.com

About the Author

Graduated from Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, major in English. Joined the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo in 2005 (formerly The Four Seasons Hotel.) Joined TableCheck in 2016 after a successful career history of over 10 years in Japanese and Western restaurants.

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