“Dining 33 Pâtisserie à la maison” -patisserie attached with “Dining 33”- serves a variety of fresh western sweets for special-day use and baked sweets suitable for corporate gifts. The chef-patissier who has been supporting Chef Mikuni for long years uses his knowledge of “Mikuni-ism” and skills to make sweets suitable for this new place.

▷Please place your order by 9pm 3 days prior to the scheduled receiving date. (except for some products)
▷Order cannot be changed after confirmation. Please contact us as soon as possible if any change is necessary.
▷Fruits used in decorations may change depending on situations.
▷All prices are tax inclusive.


《Special Requests About Allergies》
▷We cannot accommodate individual allergies under usual circumstances. Please check the product page to confirm allergens.
▷Please contact us directly by phone if you have any questions or requests about allergies.
▷Please contact us directly by phone about special orders.

《Receiving Time》
12pm to 8pm on business days.


Dining33 Patisserie a la maison