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Teppanyaki Ginmeisui GINZA

7-8-7 Ginza, GINZA GREEN 8F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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Enjoy a delicious sizzling plate
Delicious meal and quality time through teppanyaki

Located on the 8th floor of GINZA GREEN, it is a fine place with a stylish atmosphere combined with Japanese style. There are counter seats where the guests can enjoy the smell of food and the sound of teppanyaki being made and have conversations with the chefs. There are also private rooms where the guests can have private time. The place is perfect for guests visiting alone, dates or gatherings.

An excellent beef meticulously chosen by chefs

The place is famous for using high-class ingredients such as kurogewagyu, caviar, abalone and lobsters. The kurogewagyu can be enjoyed in fillet or sirloin, prepared by a chef right before the guests. The rice is Niigata's Koshihikari. A seafood course is available for guests who prefer seafood over meat.

Enjoy wine carefully selected by a sommelier

Guests can choose from the wide collection of red wine, white wine and other wines. A sommelier will guide the guests in choosing the best wine suited for their meals. Chefs also give recommendations to guests about the best dish suited for the kind of meat the guest prefers.

Teppanyaki, Steak, Seafood
¥5,000 ~ ¥10,000
¥15,000 ~
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Teppanyaki Ginmeisui GINZA

7-8-7 Ginza, GINZA GREEN 8F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Ginza Station

5 minutes walk (333m)


5 minutes walk (333m)


6 minutes walk (442m)

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