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Gozenbo Ginza

銀座2-6-5, 銀座トレシャス 11F, 中央区, 東京都
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Enjoy authentic Yunnan cuisine, made with select ingredients
Night views of Ginza, evocative of being in China

We have seats in the spacious main dining area, decorated in colors evocative of China, and counter seats, where you can enjoy a meal in a calm, relaxed setting with night views of Ginza. There are small and large private rooms available for parties and functions, decorated with native Yunnan cloth and tea ware.

Experience the intense flavors of our Yunnan Mushroom Hotpot

Mushrooms have been enjoyed in dishes by the people of Yunnan province since ancient times. A well-known cooking style of the region is "hinabe" (hot pot). Our Gozenbo mushroom hotpot uses a special pot, flavored with the mushroom extract. We also have a range of meat soups, with chicken or oxtail to create an exquisite flavor. We urge you to try the unique and intense flavors of Yunnan cooking.

Serving popular dishes prepared by skilled chefs from China

The concept behind Gozenbo is dishes prepared by skilled chefs from China using delicious, safe to eat ingredients. The menu varies from dishes that will be familiar to Japanese diners to unique Chinese dishes, along with our ever popular hotpots and set menus. Even classic dishes feature our own unique Gozenbo touch to ensure that they both look good and taste delicious.

Hotpot, Nabe (Japanese Hotpot)
¥1,000 ~ ¥3,000
¥10,000 ~ ¥20,000
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Gozenbo Ginza

銀座2-6-5, 銀座トレシャス 11F, 中央区, 東京都

2 minutes walk (81m)

Ginza-itchōme Station

2 minutes walk (81m)


5 minutes walk (338m)

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