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Switched from a third-party system in order to "attack the market," acquire new customers, and increase bookings.

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"TableSolution can do more than any other reservation system we've tried. More than simply taking reservations, TableSolution helps us to attack the market and acquire new customers."

With over 40 varieties of Belgian beer on tap, EVER BREW's restaurant brands including Delirium Cafe, Belge Aube, and Brasserie St. Bernardus are eager to expand their vibrant dining and drinking experience to a wider customer audience. Their existing reservation system lacks key guest management features to acquire new customers. Can TableSolution help EVER BREW to "attack the market" and earn new business?

The Challenge

Upgrade from a simple "reservation book"-type app to TableSolution

EVER BREW had initially chosen to use the simplest reservation system option available, but soon found its feature-set far to limited to cover their operations and marketing needs.

The Switch

A surprisingly smooth transition from the existing system.

Initially the staff was skeptical about any change, but once they got their hands on the advantages of TableSolution's features and customization became clear. With assistance and training from TableSolution's world-class 24/7 support team, the system migration was completed quickly and without error.


Dinner reservations after 8:30pm have nearly doubled; significant rise in group reservations via web

With focused marketing campaigns, EVER BREW is now able to acquire and retain a strong customer base. Switching to TableSolution has also eliminated system bottlenecks, such as the ability to automatically join several tables together to accommodate large groups.

Next Steps: Welcoming international guests

In preparation for a major tourism increase in Japan leading up to the 2020 Olympics, EVER BREW sees TableSolution's 8 language multi-language support as a key asset to cater to guests in their native tongue.

Mr. Akira Furukido, EVER BREW
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