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Data-Driven Decision Making

TableCheck's Insight complements our core product suite by automating business decisions for restaurant managers, marketing directors, and revenue managers. Insight’s success comes from simplifying the organization and display of complex information without sacrificing the power and flexibility to answer any question.

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Automated Data Pipeline

Insight seamlessly connects raw data from diverse sources like reservations, customers, point-of-sale, and diner surveys. Pre-processing algorithms maintain clean, complete, and consistent data with integrated anomaly detection, validation, and normalization.

Unlimited Dashboards

Our user interface has been carefully crafted to meet the unique and varied needs of the restaurant industry. View curated preset dashboards that summarize reservations, cancellations, occupancy, forecasts, and marketing channel performance. In addition, charts can be edited and organized into unlimited custom dashboards that can be exported to PDF, Excel, or CSV.

Revenue Insights at Your Fingertips

Revenue dashboards coupled with revenue currency conversions allow apples-to-apples comparisons of outlets located across the globe or aggregation of outlets for customized benchmarking. Our real-time cloud databases ensure that users can reliably access data across thousands of outlets for quick exploration.

Forecast the Future of Your Business

Because our forecasts leverage up-to-date information about on-hand bookings and cancellations from TableCheck, they are the most accurate forecasts in the industry. Insight provides forecasts for the number of diners, walk-ins, no-shows, cancellations, and revenue broken down by meal and by day. These forecasts are an invaluable aid to managing food inventory, staffing, menu pricing, and marketing.

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"TableCheck has the perfect online reservation system, our booking ration has increased by 20%, and seating utilization is 1.5 times higher!"

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