La Biogrpahie…
▶Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your seating request.
▶We will do our best to prepare the food according to the time of your reservation. If you are late for your reservation, we may not be able to prepare the food. If we do not hear from you within 15 minutes of your reservation time, your reservation will be automatically canceled and a cancellation fee will be charged.
▶Please contact the restaurant directly for reservations of 5 or more people.

▶Smoking is prohibited in all areas, including the entrance foyer, toilets, and building common areas.
▶Smart casual is recommended as the dress code. Please refrain from wearing shorts, tracksuits, beach sandals, or T-shirts.
▶We do not have a parking lot. If you come by car, please use the nearby coin parking lot.

▶We cannot accommodate changes in the number of people on the day of your reservation.
 If there is a change in the number of people on the day, we will charge a cancellation fee.

[Regarding reservations for children]
Regarding children, we do not allow children under elementary school age to visit our restaurant.
In addition, we will only allow children who can eat the same menu as adults.