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Restaurant bill, meet cashless payment

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What is TableCheck Pay?

TableCheck Pay is a cashless payment service which you can use at any restaurant in the reservation portal site listed as "Accepts TableCheck Pay".

TableCheck Pay does not require an app download. It works simply by confirming the payment amount on your smartphone and authorizing payment through your TableCheck account.

Enjoy your meal and let TableCheck Pay handle the rest.

Three reasons to use TableCheck Pay

Convenient and time-saving

No more back-and-forth when paying for your meal. Check the amount on your phone, and with one touch TableCheck Pay settles the bill.

Convenient and time-saving

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No app required

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No app required

TableCheck Pay works on your smartphone browser with no app required.

Peace of mind

TableCheck encrypts and protects your credit card information during transactions.

Peace of mind

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How TableCheck Pay works

Settle your bill quickly and easily. Traditional credit card payment requires your server to go back-and-forth between your table and the cash regsiter multiple times. TableCheck Pay simplifies this process with a no-hassle checkout.

$100 $100

Easy three-step payment

No downloads required, no usage fees. After your meal is finished, simply use your smartphone to check the amount and approve payment.

TableCheck Pay is accepted at many of Japan's top restaurants