Menya Kimoto
Special ingredients and soup stock change each time.
Please enjoy Kimoto's carefully selected ingredients from season to season.

Special Ramen 3,500 yen
Special Ramen (1/2) / Soupless Ramen (1/2) / Iced Alishan Oolong tea 3,800 yen

Iced Alishan Oolong tea 500 yen
Heartland Beer 800 yen
Inedit Beer 1,000 yen

●Please note that we are unable to accommodate allergies.
●Please refrain from coming to the restaurant wearing strong fragrances.
●Please refrain from taking pictures with single-lens reflex cameras. Only mobile phones are allowed.
*Please take pictures in such a way that other guests and staff do not appear in the picture.
●Please note that children who do not order will be placed on an adult's lap.
*Please do not include this in the number of people when making your reservation.

from one month in advance of your desired visit date.