Mercer Cafe Ebisu

1-26-16 Ebisu, Shibata Bldg. 1F, Shibuya, Tokyo

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Enjoy a cafe with downtown New York diner atmosphere
Stylish, just like a New York lounge

The inside of the shop is a stylish atmosphere based on white and black.You can enjoy the feeling of visiting a diner in downtown New York. A fireplace in the center creates a warm atmosphere in winter. Stylish, restful and relaxing space that can be reached easily even solo patrons to relax and enjoy some down-time.

Night cafe dining until midnight with a luxry menu

Enjoy "MY Cafe Meal" menu until late night. Yukke with lusciously scraped truffle, croquette with foie gras, grilled steak and other great menu options. Of course, you can enjoy luxuriously adult luxuries till the end, such as Omar ramen of rich sauce and regular truffle egg rice.

A full menu of adult beverages to enjoy

Extensive cocktail selection including Dom Perignon which you can enjoy at a reasonable proce. Mojitos with fresh mint and mint juleps and the list goes on. Champagne, red wine and white wine are also available from a deep wine list, allowing you to choose according to your mood and dining. Alcohol cocktails and other non alcoholic cocktails can be enjoyed by those who prefer not to drink.


Italian, Dining Bar & Gastro Pub, Modern Italian


¥ -

¥7,000 ~ ¥10,000

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Mercer Cafe Ebisu

1-26-16 Ebisu, Shibata Bldg. 1F, Shibuya, Tokyo
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