Shibuya Mom' Touch
【Event Notice】
Cumulative sales exceed 500 million units ✨
New series of 'Thigh Burger' ❗
‘Honey Garlic Thigh Burger’ appears 🧄
A fantastic combination of sweet honey,
the long-selling garlic soy sauce, and Mom’s Touch original mayo sauce.

Before official sales,
limited to pre-order customers,
a chance to try the new burger set
that will be introduced for the first time in Japan faster than anyone else!
'Honey Garlic Thigh Burger' 🍔
If you buy a single item, you get free potatoes🍟 and drinks🥤!
(Equivalent to 330 yen)

Gift event for only 7 days from June 21st to June 27th! 📢

Coupons will not be provided during busy times (11-13:00, 17-19:00)
to ensure customer safety and smooth use of the store.
We ask for your understanding❗

(Customers who have pre-booked a seat at the store from June 21st to June 27 will be provided on that date.)

[How to use]
●When you arrive at the store, follow the staff's instructions and proceed to the "Reservation Line".

[Reservation rules]
●Reservations can be made for up to 4 people at a time.
●Seats cannot be specified. We ask for your understanding.

[Changing reservation date, time, and number of people]
●Please make any changes to the number of people or reservation time on TableCheck.