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Booking Policy

Thank you so much for your interest in Nén Light Restaurant. Kindly read and understand the restaurant’s terms and conditions before completing the reservation process.

Terms and conditions:

1. When making a reservation, please tell us as detailed as possible about your allergies. This would include the types of food that you are allergic to, the severity of the allergies. Especially if you are allergic to seafood, please tell us whether you can consume fish sauce (nước mắm) at all).
2. The entire experience of Sto:ry Menu will take about 2 hours. Please be aware of location and heavy traffic at times in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are running late, we kindly ask that you notify us by telephone at your earliest convenience. Your table will be held for a maximum of 20 minutes after which time it may be allocated to other customers.
3. For parties of 5 guests or more, please make a booking via booking@restaurantnen.com
4. To ensure the best dining experience for all the customers, we will not be able to serve children under the age of 12. We do not have a children's menu, so the young customers should be able to consume our Sto:ry Menu as offered.
5. Walk-in guests are welcome, however it is subjected to availability.
6. Parking spaces for motorbikes and cars are available near the venue, our staff will support you to park safely.
7. All prices shown are subject to 8% VAT for food, 10% VAT for alcoholic drinks and 8% service charge.
8. The dress code is smart casual. We may have to deny your entry to the venue if you dress in inappropriate attires.

If you encounter any issues such as reservations are not available at your requested time and / or number of persons, please contact us at +84(0)89-899-0806, or email to: booking@restaurantnen.com
We look forward to serving you at Nén Light!