Japanese Hotpot Kanpai
March 2024.Business Information

All-you-can-eat lamb has been added to our all-you-can-eat menu!
(Seafood not included)

Special price for March only

All-you-can-eat (90 min.) 4,000 yen and up
All-you-can-eat and drink (90 min.) 6,000 yen and up
Half price for 4-9 year olds

Premium Course 36,000 yen→25,000 yen (reservation required, by the day before)
Premium Wagyu Beef and Salmon Roe Bowl 40%OFF

Open period
3/2 - 3/31, 2024
Old rate will be applied until 3/1

Business hours

New style shabu-shabu buffet with 64 seats.
Private parties available. (Please consult with us).

Please call for reservations between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.
Please call for reservations made less than 1 hour before the reserved time.

The meal will be an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu course.
Additional all-you-can-drink and a la carte menus can be ordered.
Premium course (with all-you-can-drink) is available by reservation until the day before.

We will accommodate allergies to the extent possible, but not those contained in the broth or sauce.
If you have any food allergies, please indicate them in the "Request" column.

We may not be able to answer the phone during business hours.
Please contact us as soon as possible to change or cancel your reservation.

Children's Fees
0-3 years old: Free of charge
4-9 years old: children's rate
10 years old and up: Same price as adult
Children aged 10 and over are charged at the same rate as adults.

If you cannot be reached after 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time,
we may have no choice but to cancel your reservation.
Please be sure to contact us if you are going to be late,
Please contact us if you are going to be late.

Please note that the fee is not settled at the time of reservation, so please pay at the restaurant when you arrive.

There is currently a great shortage of cabs in the Niseko area.
Please make your reservations after securing your transportation to and from the hotel.
If you would like to use our transportation service, please make a reservation at the table check,
Please make reservations for pick-up and drop-off by phone.
Please note that we may not be able to meet your request because we only use one taxi for pick-up and drop-off. Please understand that we may not be able to meet your request.

Cancellation charges will be calculated from the time of your reservation (visit to the restaurant) and the following cancellation fees will apply

<In the case of a reservation for a table only>
Within 24 hours: ¥7,000 per person
Within 48 hours: ¥3,500 per person

<For a la carte reservations>
Within 24 hours: 100% of the total amount
Within 48 hours: 50% of the total amount