Musashino / Sunshine City Prince Hotel
▶︎For reservations for 9 or more people, please contact the store directly. ▶We may not be able to accommodate your request for seat selection. ▶If we cannot contact you after 30 minutes of your reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation, so please be sure to contact us if you will be late. ▶Please let us know the purpose of the dinner party (birthday, entertainment, etc.) and any food allergies. [About food allergies] ▶ We only respond to 7 specific raw materials (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk, peanuts) that manufacturing companies (our food suppliers) are required to display under the Food Labeling Act. Let me do it. ▶Customers who wish to use the 7 specified raw materials, please let us know in advance. In order to prioritize the safety of our customers, we are unable to handle anything other than the seven specified raw materials. ▶As all food and beverages are handled in the same environment at our store, we cannot completely prevent trace amounts of allergens other than the raw materials used. [Telephone inquiries/reservations] 03-5954-2257 (Reception 10:30-18:00)