Book at Steakhouse Takumi - APA Hotel Shinjuku-Gyoenmae

As well as this summer as well!
BEER FESTA 2017 held!
All you can eat steak & hamburger steak + draft all-you-can-drink
5,300 yen on net reservation → 4,800 yen 500 yen OFF! It is!

【Booking privilege】
On the day of use, 1 for every 8 people. Five pieces with 40 guests, Haagen-Dazs gift certificate!

· Child costs will be until 11 years old. (Free for 3 years and under)
· Menus are subject to change.
· There is a day not available on special days or events.
· Because there is a case of charter, please inquire in advance.
· Reservations up to the previous day are required for over 8 people.
· We refuse to offer alcoholic beverages to minors and drivers.

Charged business will be available (over 60 people) Please contact us.
11 years and under
3 years and under


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