*2020 RESTAURANT OPENING: July 3rd ~ August 31st*

 About the restaurant opening in 2020
ENEKO Tokyo is a collaboration restaurant with Eneko Atxa Azurmendi, the owner chef of the three-star restaurant Azurmendi in the Basque Country, in Spain.
ENEKO Karuizawa opens only in summer!
In 2020, we open the grill restaurant ENEKO Terraza for a limited time: a whole new experience with only terrace seats.

*Reservations will be accepted from June 11th*

▶ In case you are running late, please contact us. If you do not contact us within 15 minutes from the reserved time, we may cancel your reservation.
▶ Please inform us of the occasion of the party (birthday, entertainment etc.) and food allergies.
▶ Please note that the final seat may not meet your request.
▶ If you have an anniversary message or a special request, please fill in the request field.
If you choose a private room, please acknowledge that you will be charged a separate room charge of 11,000¥ (tax included).
▶ If you are reserving for a group with children under elementary school age, we kindly ask you to use the private room. Please contact the restaurant directly. (Separate room charge of 11,000¥/room)
▶Please call for reservations for more than 11 people.

Dress code: smart casual
*Please refrain from entering light clothing such as shorts, sandals, tank tops, jeans, caps, and yukata.


Please fill in if you have food allergies.
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