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【About Reservation】
The room will be reserved for up to 5 minutes. Please arrive on time or the room will be cancelled without notification.
Each room has access for 90 minutes. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, or the time will be compressed.
Each room allows 2 guests (Due to safety concerns, one person is not allowed to use the room).
If there is a need to reserve two or more rooms, please contact the hotel directly or reserve the rooms with two separate reservations.

◆ Reservations can only be accepted within one month.
◆ Additional fees for additional guests:
For height 115cm and taller, NT$600 will be charged per additional guest.
For height 115cm or below is free, limited to an addition of 2 guests.
◆ All guests can enjoy a complimentary parking with any expenses at the hotel.
◆ For same-day booking, please contact the hotel directly at 02-2898-8888.
◆ If you have further questions, please contact 02-2898-8888or email to



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