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▶ Online reservation from the website is accompanied by 1 drink.
(1 drink for 1 course, not applicable to hamburg steak and stew)
▶ As regards the specification of the seat, we may not be able to comply with your request, so please be forewarned.
▶ If you can not contact us after 20 minutes of reservation Please be sure to contact us if you are late as it may be treated as cancellation treatment.
※We will charge a cancellation fee.Cancellation fee 40% after 15 o'clock the previous day, 100% on the day
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記念日のメッセージをご希望の場合は内容をご記入ください。 12/23から25はクリスマスケーキに変更、及びクリスマスメッセージは受け付けておりません。(ケーキをご注文の方はご利用人数にあわせたサイズのケーキをご利用3日前までにご選択ください。)
(例:Happy Birthday 〇〇、Happy Anniversary)

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