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[Complete reservation system] ▶Cooking is only course. 8800 yen (tax included, service charge not included) *Course includes raw meat *Course includes Wagyu offal. * Contents vary depending on the stocking situation ▶ All meals start at the same time. Reservation time cannot be changed. Please be sure to visit us at the reservation time. ▶If we are unable to contact you within 15 minutes of your reservation time, your reservation may be cancelled. Please come at the time of your reservation. ▶︎When canceling, please cancel online by yourself, not by phone. ▶︎It is very difficult to get through to the phone. If you need it, please DM me on Instagram . *Please allow time for us to reply. ▶We will keep your card information when you make a reservation, but payment will not be made. * Please pay the usage fee at the checkout on the day. ⇒ In addition to regular accounting, contactless payment is possible. At the time of payment, please tell us to use the reservation card. What is contactless payment ?



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