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【Thermal Spring will be unavailable on Jan 10, 2024】
The Thermal Spring is undertaking a facility maintenance, as legally required once a year and will be closed as per the dates/times detailed below.
Closed: All day Wednesday 10th January 2024
* Open as usual on 9th and 11th January
* Open from 7:00am on Thursday, 11th January

【Private Onsen】
➤Please note that the Private Onsen is for registered hotel guests only.
Click here to reserve Private Onsen

【SPA Treatment】
➤Please book 1 person at a time if 2 persons wish to have different treatment menu.
➤If you wish to have a spa treatment in a couple room, please indicate your request in a comment section.
*Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request due to availability status.

【When you visit the SPA】
➤We ask you to arrive a full 15 minutes before your SPA appointment, so that you are rested and relaxed prior to your session. Should you wish to make use of the Thermal Spring before your treatment, we recommend you arrive a full hour prior to the appointed time. Please be aware that should you arrive later than the session start time, we may have to shorten the treatment program.

【Health and Safety of Our Clientele】
➤When making a reservation for a SPA treatment, we ask all clients to inform SPA staff as their current health status, any medical issues they may be experiencing as well as any allergies, etc. Depending on the health condition of the client, some treatment options may not be appropriate. Our therapists have received full training, so please make the most of their knowledge and experience. Regretfully we do not accept reservations from clients in the early stages of pregnancy.

【Regarding the Storage of Valuable Items at the SPA】
➤Please note that there are no storage facilities suitable for valuable items at the THERMAL SPRING SPA. We ask guests to leave items either at one of the Safety Deposit Boxes at the Hotel Reception, or in the safe located in their guest room. HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO and the SPA shall accept no responsibility for the loss or theft of any valuable item.

【Fashion Tattoo】
➤Please note that should you have any visible tattoos,
we may ask you to rent and wear a rash guard shirt when using the Thermal Spring.

【Age Restrictions】
➤Please note that all SPA treatments are available for clients aged 16 and over. Clients aged between 16 and 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign a waiver prior to any SPA treatment session. Please inquire at the SPA reception for more details.

【Other Restrictions】
➤Please refrain from taking a treatment under the following circumstances: after drinking, while pregnancy (except for stable period).

➤The THERMAL SPRING SPA is a place for restful relaxation. As such, we ask our clients to refrain from using their mobile phones and cameras in the SPA area. Please note that the entire SPA facility is strictly non-smoking. In the event of behavior by a client seen as contrary to these regulations, staff may ask said client to leave the SPA area.

【Cancellation Policy】
➤After completing your reservation, cancellations or changes will incur cancellation fees according to the following policy:
・48 hours before the reservation time: 100% of service fee.
・No contact: 100% of service fee.
Please note that the contents specified in the confirmation document take precedence regarding cancellation fees.

Contact Us : TEL. +81 75 468 3125 (Reservations for SPA treatments)



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