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■ Information on shortening business hours
・ Every Thursday to Sunday 11: 00 ~ 17: 00 Lo16: 30
・ Alcohol sales are closed under the guidance of the government.

■ Payment method
・ Payment can be made by credit card or electronic money. Cash is not available.

■ Precautions for ordering and seating
・ Please order at least one item per person.
・ Basically, you can order up to 1 cup of shaved ice per person.
・ During summer business, especially during the daytime, the counter seat may have strong sunlight. Please note.

■ Inquiries
* In principle, we do not respond to telephone emails during business hours.
・ We will respond by phone for 1 hour before and after business hours.
・ We will respond by email within 2 business days.
We operate with a small number of people. We really appreciate your corporation.
5 years and under


[For eat-in customers] Please let us know in advance if you meet the following requirements. We will prepare a seat in accordance with your requests.

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