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▶ If you can not contact after 30 minutes of reservation, it may be considered as cancellation due to necessity, so please be sure to contact us in case of delay.
Please contact the store directly when booking for more than 9 people.
Children accompanied by children are limited to those above elementary school students.
Please refrain from visiting in light clothing such as tank tops, shorts and sandals.
▷ ▷ Cancellation policy ◁◁
・Canceled the previous day 50%
· Canceled on the day 100%
We have received. Please note. For inquiries by phone: 06-6484-7277
12 years and under


If you have allergic ingredients, please write.
If you need an anniversary cake, you can prepare for +800 yen per person (If you order an anniversary plan, it is included in the course.) .
We will make a reservation confirmation after making a reservation confirmation call from our shop. Please enter the number you can call.

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