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▶ Card information will be kept at the time of booking, but payment will not be made. * Please pay the actual usage fee on the day of the accounting.

▶ Delay of visit time・ If you are late for more than 1 hour from the reservation time, the reservation will be automatically cancelled, please contact us if you are late. You will be charged for a cancellation fee.

▶ Cancellation Cancellation fee will be charged from the date of reservation as follows. 1. Cancellation within 48 hours from the reservation time: 50% of the fee 2. Cancellation within 24 hours from the reservation time: 100% of the fee

▶ Allergies to alcohol, seasonings cannot be handled.・ If you wish to change ingredients for religious reasons or allergies, please contact us by phone.・ Please refrain from those who cannot eat raw fish.

Inquiries by phone: 075-223-3351
12 years and under
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If you have any food allergies, please fill in this form and let us know.

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