[Stores eligible for HOKKAIDO LOVE Discount] *For customers who are planning to visit the store on the day or the day before...Please contact us directly by phone. A luxurious lineup that you can enjoy BYO (1,650 yen including tax)★☆LABRIQUE's latest wine list☆★ «:.・*.・~Premium Fair 2023~・:. *・.» Ashoro Ishida Sheep Ranch South Down Seed Milk Only Lamb Special Menu <Course content: Amuse, 1 appetizer, 2 appetizers, fish dishes, meat dishes, desserts> ///Starting May 22nd-For details, please contact the following menu or call us/// *** *** ⇒Special event will be held at the target store ☆★Click★☆ ⇒Click here to make a reservation for LABRIQUE takeout ☆★Click★☆ For inquiries When emailing or calling, please contact 15 - I would appreciate it if you could aim for 17:00. * For customers who use for entertainment / dinner … Please contact us directly by phone to present your budget and consult


【備考欄:結婚記念日 2枚】 など

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