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LUNCH 12:00-15:00 DINNER 18:30-22:00
*Closed:Tuesday and Wednesday + irregular holidays
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*Reservations will be accepted until the end of the following month. Please allow at least 3 months from your last visit before making a reservation, as the menu changes seasonally.
*Please be sure to let us know at the time of booking if you have any food allergies, including those of your companions.
*Please note that even after the reservation is confirmed, we may not be able to accept your reservation due to restrictions on a wide range of ingredients, food allergies that the restaurant cannot handle, etc.
*We cannot respond to messages about special menus and desserts such as ingredients that are not good at, seat designation, anniversaries and celebrations.
*We do not allow photography, video recording, or video recording in the restaurant so that you can enjoy the food without any preconceptions.
*For children, we will accept reservations from children who can enjoy the same course as adults.

■For inquiries, please contact the following email address.


If you are allergic to any food, please inform us the number of people who haveallergies in your party etc. in as much detail as possible.
(Example 1) One person is allergic to crustaceans, but soup stock is fine.
(Example 2) Two people are allergic to oysters, one is fine as long as they arecooked.
**Please note that we may cancel your reservation even after it has beenconfirmed if there are any allergic ingredients that we cannot avoid using them.**

If you do not have any food allergies, please enter [none].
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