▶ Notice ◇ Kyoto Prefecture New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures Certification System Certified on August 12, 3rd year of Ordinance Certification No. 100341 During business hours, we will continue to work to prevent and prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. Will continue to go. 2021 October 22 (Friday) - Normal business __________________________________________ booking at News ▶ online from the shop are available up to 2 months in advance. ▶ If you have any meals (birthday, entertainment, etc.) or food allergies, please let us know in the question column below. ▶ Please note that we may not be able to meet your request regarding seat selection. ▶ For groups, there is a possibility that the seats will be separated within the same area. Please contact us for details. ▶ Children must be elementary school students or older. ▶ Please contact us as private rooms can be used by children under elementary school age. ▶ If you are more than 20 minutes late from your reservation time, we may cancel your reservation automatically. ▶ For customers using private rooms・ Private rooms can be used by 4 to 8 people per room. If you would like a private room, please let us know. ▶ Cancellation of reservation・ If you do not contact us, we will charge the specified cancellation fee.・ If you have a hotel other than our hotel, please let us know in the request column below. We may contact you to confirm the final reservation from 2 days before the reservation date. ▶ In conducting business, we will take measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. ● Based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's response guidelines, we thoroughly wash the staff's hands, gargle, and disinfect with alcohol. * For alcohol disinfection, we use the safe "DOVER PASTEURISER 77" that uses pure water for sake brewing. ● We have installed a hand disinfectant solution for customers in the store. ● Customers who come to the restaurant cooperate with the temperature measurement. ● At the restaurant, we will guide you with a space between the tables than usual. ● In addition to thorough cough etiquette of staff, we may wear a mask to respond. ● The staff measures the body temperature at the time of commuting, and the staff who are informed of fever or poor physical condition are suspended from commuting. ● If symptoms such as fever of the staff can be confirmed, we will wait at home and consult with the government to receive instructions. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.


If you have any ingredient allergy, please fill in
Example: 2 people: shellfish (shrimp / crab) allergy (bouillon cannot be used) (example) food allergy of rose family (source can be used) (example) nuts allergy (nuts in general) Not allowed / Almond powder not allowed) (Example) 1 person: buckwheat, oysters, eggs, flour, dairy products (butter allowed), etc.

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