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▶ Please make a reservation for 2 people or more the day before.
▶ We charge from ¥ 500 * as Coperto. (Including bread and mineral water charges * Varies depending on the cooking area at the time of provision)
▶ Only course meals are available, and à la carte is not available.
▶ When making a reservation, in order to avoid troubles on the day and to ensure a smooth flow as much as possible, due to circumstances where it is difficult to change the cooking contents on the spot, the restaurant should check as much as possible in advance. We are here. We would appreciate it if you could cooperate with us so that you can tell us about the ingredients you are not good at and the ingredients you have allergies to. ☆ In our shop, if we judge that it is necessary to express the hometown, we may occasionally incorporate even ingredients that are generally avoided in the course. please confirm. 《Lambs, lamb, horse meat, donkey meat, hunting meat (Gibier), pigeons, red internal organs such as liver and heart, white internal organs such as trippers and intestines, cattle, frogs, river fish, blue fish, roe, Is a particular example. Including the availability of foie gras (internal organs) and truffles (mushrooms) >> * Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian are not available. *
▶ If you are 15 minutes or more behind the reservation time without contacting us, we will automatically cancel. You may be asked. In case of cancellation or change, please be sure to contact the store.
▶ Children must be at least school children. There is basically no menu for children, so please understand that the contents are the same as for adults. ▶ Reservations for 5 people or more are accepted by phone. * Menu contents and fees are basic. Please note that it is subject to change.


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