▶ Our shop offers craft beer and barbecue dishes.▶ Reservations can only be made at dinnertime. ▶ For group reservations for more than 9 people, please apply directly by phone. ▶ If you are allergic, please fill in the form below. Notes on changing the number of people and cancellations・ We may not be able to accept a significant increase in the number of staff members after booking.・ A cancellation fee is charged for the last cancellation and reduction of staff. Please check the cancellation policy below in advance. <Course reservation> Cancellation fee is set as shown below. -50% of the course fee from the day before the use day-100% of the course fee on the day of use * There is a separate rule for group use of 9 people or more, so please check at the time of booking. <Seat Reservation> Please complete the procedure by the day before use. Please contact us by phone for cancellation on the day.
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Please check if you have a celebration cake or a bottle of sake. (The bottle charge will be 1,080 yen per bottle.)

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