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General reservations for the following month will be accepted from noon on the 1st of every month.

▶ If you have allergies or foods that you are not good at, please fill in the request column.

◆ About cancellation ◆
Pay the food and drink at the store on the day. Payment on the day will be cash or credit card (VISA / MASTER / DINERS) . Pre-authorization of the credit card is required to confirm the reservation, but there is no advance billing to customers who are not eligible for the cancellation fee. Please note that we will charge 100% of the course fee to the credit card you received after less than 2 weeks for cancellation after cancellation and number of people. In addition, the cancellation policy will be adapted to the decrease in the number of people, thank you for your understanding.

For inquiries regarding reservations, please use the numbers below.


We are not accepting changes in the number of guests, date and time etc at our shop. Please note.
Please refrain from the entering below 13 years old.
Please pay the food and beverage at the shop on that day. Payment on that day will be cash, the card will be (VISA, MASTER, DINERS only) . Prior approval of credit card is required for reservation confirmation, but there is no advance claim to non-cancelable customers. Please note that we will charge 100% of the course price to your credit card for cancellation after confirmation and number reduction.
Please kindly understand that we do not allow to use debit card for online booking

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