When the number of visitors is more than 10 people, sorry to trouble you but please contact directly to the store.

Cancellation policy: We appreciate your understanding to the cancellation policy below.
For all reservations we require a credit card details to secure the booking.
We won’t charge your credit card without your permission, except cancellations made within 24 hours prior to the booking time.
Foreign exchange rates may apply. Please consult your card issuer.

·【Cancellation charge】Booking day・・・100%

Children: We limited to the customers at the age of 6 and above

Reservation: If there is no message even after 15 minutes from the time of reservation, we will treat it as cancellation.
Information: Please refrain from the use of an excessive perfume
          Seat is available 1.5hour(Lunch) 2hr(Dinner)
12 years and under
Please select time in the shop's local timezone


We cannot offer menus free of raw ingredients, but please inform us of any allergies or special dietary restrictions.
When staying, please enter the hotel name. In case of reservation via concierge please also enter concierge name.

Guest Details

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