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【Hilton CleanStay Measures for our restaurants & bars】
・Please keep a distance from other guests who are not a part of your group.
・All our staff will be serving you with masks and gloves on.
・Please sanitize your hands before entering the restaurant.
・Please put on your masks when you are not seated at your table.
・We reserve the right to refuse admission to guests who are not feeling well or have a fever.

▶ Any uninformed reservations past 30 minutes from reserved time, or reservations that are for reselling will be considered as cancellation of reservation.
▶ Please kindly understand that there may be media shooting without announcement.
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3 años y bajo


If you are allergic to foodstuffs please fill in the requested field.
無料宿泊にWifi無料も!入会金・年会費無料で誰でも簡単に入れるヒルトン・オナーズの入会をご案内しております。(※ すでに入会済みの方は、下記の項目に会員番号をご入力ください。)

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