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◆ The menu is subject to change depending on the purchasing situation.
◆ We accept the same course for one group. * We have received orders for the number of people reserved.
◆ Please order one course per person.
◆ If you are 12 years old or older, please order the same course as an adult.
◆ If you have children under 12 years old, please let us know the number and age. * Children under 12 years old can order (excluding infants). * The menu is a children's course menu of 3,500 yen. (Important: There is no children's menu for the 2020-2021 menu, so please order a single item.)
◆ Seating time is limited to 2 hours during busy hours.
◆ Same-day reservations can be made online until 17:00. Please contact us by phone after 17:00.
◆ We do not allow alcohol or wine to be brought in. Cancellation fee
◇ 19 people or less ... 3 days before reservation date-the day before: course fee 50% x number of people, same day: 100%
◇ Group of 20 people or more ... 1 week before reservation date-on the day: course fee 100% x number of people Minutes * For reservations of more than 20 people, the course fee must be paid in advance by wire transfer. (Card payment is possible)
◇ If you do not come to the store after 20 minutes of the reservation time, it will be canceled. In that case, please note that a cancellation fee (100% course fee x number of people) will be charged.
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