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- From April 7th till June 1st, we are complying and moving our operations to takeaway or delivery.

- Please note that the order is not completed with only this online process. Both takeaway (restaurant pick-up) order and delivery order will be completed after our return contact.
- Afternoon on Weekends and Public Holidays are the peak delivery times. Our team will work our best to deliver your food timely to you, sometimes, it may reach you earlier or sometimes later. We seek your kind understanding and apologise for any convenience caused. If you will be available earlier time, we kindly recommend getting it delivered before 5pm.

-Please select "1" in the Party Size field.


Is your order "Takeaway (Restaurant pick-up)" or "Delivery"?
If you'd like to order for delivery, please indicate the address to deliver to in the column below.

- Available islandwide delivery with minimum order $70+.
- Free delivery for orders $100+ and above. Delivery fee $8 for orders less than $100+.
- Please await confirmation that we are able to complete your order.
- For delivery, we require advance payment. We will send you payment info to seal the order. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
If you have any food allergies, please let us know.

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