Réserver à RRR Bistro Steak & Wine

* Depending on the reservation situation, it may take 2 hours 30 minutes for usage time.
※ We will contact you by telephone on the day before the reservation for confirmation of reservation.
※ If you do not contact us, if you do not arrive for more than 15 minutes from the time of reservation, we may cancel it once.
※ For reservations of 5 people or more please contact directly to the store.
* When using birthday, it is also possible to prepare birthday plates (¥ 1,500 -) with names. Please enter "birthday plate hope" in the request column, "name" to put in.
※ It is only non-smoking seat. When you smoke cigarettes please use the smoking space outside the shop.
12 ans et moins
5 ans et moins



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Votre réservation sera réservée jusqu'à ce qu'elle soit confirmée à la page suivante.