■ Coronavirus infection prevention measures ・ Installation of alcohol disinfection ・ Air circulation for ventilation in a timely manner ・ Regular alcohol disinfection of areas where hands touch in the store・ We will guide you with a space between the tables in the audience seats・ Please refrain from visiting the store if you have a cold or if you are not feeling well. .. In addition, it may be changed or closed depending on the situation. ) --Tue 11:30 --21:00 FOOD LO 20:00 / DRINK LO 20:30 Wed --Sat 11:30 --22:00 FOOD LO 21:00 / DRINK LO 21:30 LUNCH 11:30 --14:00 TEA 14:00 --17:00 DINNER 17:00 ------------- ▶ Please contact the store by phone to reserve a terrace seat ▶ Please If we cannot contact you within 30 minutes from the reserved time, we will treat it as a cancellation and we may guide you to the waiting customer ▶ Seats will be reserved for 2 hours in advance. If you have any allergies, please contact the store by phone. ▶ If you are traveling with children, please let us know your age and number of people in the request column below. * If you wish to enter the store in a stroller or wheelchair, please contact us. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us by phone. There is a limit to the number of seats that can be entered. ▶ Cancellation fees will be charged for cancellations and changes in the number of guests using course meals or party plans. ・ 100% on the day ▶ Seat selection Please note that we do not accept this item. ▶ The menu may change depending on the season and purchasing situation.
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