Kikyo sushi

Booking Policy

▶In this system you cannot choose your seat (counter, table, etc.). Please contact us directly if you wish.
We reserve the seats for 1.5 hours for 3 or less people, 2 hours for 4 or more people. We may ask to have reservations for other customers. If you will stay longer, please make the reservation directly via the contact form or by phone call.
▶Please be sure to include children (including infants) in the number of guests.
▶If 15 minutes past after your reservation time without any notification, we may have to cancel your reservation for other customers. Please make sure to contact us if you will be late.
▶If you arrive earlier than your reservation time, you may have to wait outside till the time reserved. Please arrive on time for your reservation.
▶For reservations for 7 or more people, please contact the store directly.
Phone : 075-231-7361