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Welcome to Kommune by 82 Social House! The Capital of Entertainment.

Peak Period Booking (Fri - Sun, PH & PH Eve)
- An upfront payment will be required.
- You will be contacted by message for the payment details after we receive your booking.
- Payment is Non-Refundable in the event of any changes / cancellations to the booking.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time.
Bookings will only be kept for 5 minutes from booking time.
Bookings will strictly end by the allocated booking timing.

Should you wish for a longer duration or to add on more headcount, please leave a comment in the Request Box.

Contact us on +65 8112 0480 if you need any assistance.

For more information can visit our Website, Facebook and Instagram:
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If booking for LAN, do you already have an existing PC account with us? If yes, please insert PC Username / registered email address below:

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