Dominique Bouchet Tokyo 온라인 예약

We don't accept any BYO cake.
Online reservations are available for tables up to 2 guests, please contact us for any other request.
☎ +81(0) 3-6264-4477

Food Restrictions
Please let us know in advance of any ingredients you cannot eat.
We will suggest an alternative menu.
Cake and message plate
For customers who would like a cake or a message plate,
Please state the purpose and message content.
Dress Code
The dress code is smart casual. Men should wear tailored jackets. We will refuse admission in casual clothes such as jeans and T-shirts.
Reserved seat
If you would like a private or semi-private room, please contact us by phone. (There is a private room fee)
Children over 12 years old are welcome to dine with us.
Group, private reservation
For reservations for 7 or more people or inquiries about private rentals, please contact us by phone.
Please feel free to contact us.

All items above are subject to 12% Service Charge

✋ To prevent the spread of Virus Covid-19,
we ask our dear guests to disinfect their hands at their arrival.

💳 Cancellation Policy
Please note that a Credit Card will be required to secure your reservation. Depending on the chosen menu, a deposit will be debited but refunded after your visit.
Thank you for your understanding.


Please let us know about your meal this time.
We will do our best to accommodate your needs as much as possible.
If you would like a cake or message plate, please write the content of your message.
Please select your desired one according to the above usage.
We also have an upgraded version of domestic beef fillet roti (¥5,000-).

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