French Restaurant Mikuni Sapporo - JR tower hotel nikko Sapporo 온라인 예약

▶Please understand that we may be unable to fulfill your request for a specific seat.
▶If we are unable to reach you 30 minutes after the reservation time, we will consider the reservation canceled. Please contact us if you are going to be late.
▶For reservations of more than seven people, please contact the store directly.
▶Please make your reservation by phone if there are pre-school children among the guests.
*Up to four guests, including adults, are allowed for each private room if there are pre-school children. During dinner time, we only accept children of at least three years of age.
▶Please contact us by phone for reservations for Christmas dinners or the Mikuni fair.

Closed on all Tuesdays and one to two other days per month.


▶Are there any foods which you do not like or which you are allergic to? If there are, please specify their type and severeness in as much detail as you can
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