Japanese Hotpot Kanpai 온라인 예약

March Premium Wagyu beef campaign starts! !
Matsuzaka, Sendai, Shiraoi
   A la carte 40%OFF Course 30% OFF
  All-you-can-eat ¥26,400(tax included)

<red> A 64-seat shabu-shabu buffet with a new sensation. (Negotiable) <b>* If you do not contact us within 15 minutes of your reservation time, your reservation will be treated as a cancellation. * Please contact the store directly for reservations of 21 people or more. <Regarding changes to reservation details> If there is a change in the reservation details, you will need to make a new reservation and then cancel the original reservation. note that. Inquiries by phone ☎ 0136-55-7722
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