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▷ ▶ ▷ Precautions for using the terrace seats and beer garden ◀◁◀ Terrace only It will be. The seat is Complete 2-hour system Thank you for your consideration. When it rains in the case of, cancel We will contact you. In case of cancellation on the day or reduction of the number of people, a cancellation fee will be charged. note that. ____________________________________________________________ ▷ ▶ About the use of in-store seats ◀ ◁ Please note that we may not be able to meet your request regarding seat selection. ____________________________________________________________ ▷ ▶ About the use of takeout ◀ ◁ ★★ Click here for takeout reservation ★★
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Ex) Happ Birthday 〇〇. Happy Wedding 〇〇&〇〇. 1st Anniversary〇〇&〇〇.

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