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◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆ Notice of temporary closure ◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆ Thank you for using the OTTO Meieki store. .. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, we will voluntarily suspend business for the safety of customers and further prevention of infection [from August 4 to the present]. In addition, we will inform you of future business restart dates on the official website, SNS, etc. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. 🟥⬛️🟥⬛️🟥⬛️ Corona countermeasures for OTTO ⬛️🟥⬛️🟥⬛️🟥 I'm always grateful to have used this OTTO station. OTTO operates the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and to ensure that customers can eat and drink with peace of mind. ●Ventilation equipment has been improved by adding ventilation equipment. ●We thoroughly manage the physical condition of employees when they go to work, diligently wash their hands, and disinfect them. ●We make sure employees wear masks. ●We thoroughly exchange, clean and disinfect the tongue and spoon for buffet cooking. ● Alcohol disinfectant and vinyl gloves are installed at the buffet, BAR, and desert area. ● Alcohol disinfection is installed in all seats. ● Seats will be used at intervals. [Working with our customers] ● We will perform wrist temperature measurement when entering the store. ● I used alcohol disinfection before entering the store. ●Please wear a mask and gloves when you go for food and drink. 🟥⬛️🟥⬛️🟥⬛️🟥⬛️🟥⬛️🟥⬛️🟥 To those who are worried about distance and splashes .. We will be away from the buffet table and the live kitchen, but we will also prepare a seat on the second floor, which is calm and distanced from other customers. ◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆ OTTO 🥩 Meat Festival & 🍺 Beer & Bubble Festival ◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆= ◆=◆ We are holding the largest indoor room [🍻 Beer Garden]. All-you-can-drink of 5 types of beer, cold beer, craft beer, premium malts, Heineken, and Heartland. All-you-can-eat meat dishes at the meat festival held at the same time. 🍖 Meat dishes that are irresistible for meat lovers! The highlight is the powerful "MEAT WALL". A wide selection of meat dishes and buffet dishes as far as you can see! ︎ All-you-can-drink summer sparkling wine! .. ◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆ [Fee] (3-hour buffet and free drink) ◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆=◆ =◆=◆ Monday-Thursday/Sunday 3230 yen (tax included 3550 yen) Friday/Saturday/Day before holidays 3640 yen (tax included 4000 yen) SP plan 500 yen 2 hour system plan with discount [Reservation notes] Persons over the age of 20 and those with excessive light clothing are not allowed to enter the store.・We do not allow small children to enter the store.



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