French Restaurant Trente et Un - KOBE PORTOPIA HOTEL 온라인 예약

▶ All seats are non-smoking
▶ Children must be accompanied by junior high school students or older
▶ Please refrain from visiting with light clothing such as shorts and sandals
▶ Please tell us in advance if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions
▶We may not be able to accommodate your seating request
▶Online limited plans cannot be combined with other special discounts
▶Private rooms can be used by more than 8 adults (excluding the 3 C's avoidance group plan)
▶ If there are more than 9 people, please contact us by phone (excluding the 3 C's avoidance group plan)
▶Please call the store as there may be seats available even if the online reservation is full
▶The image is an image .. The menu contents and prices may change depending on the stocking situation, etc.
▶ If you are 15 minutes behind the reservation time without contacting us, we may cancel it automatically
▶Please be sure to contact the store to change or cancel your reservation on the day

☎ 078-303-5201

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