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Reservation is required. If you want to change or cancel the schedule, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you do not have time, or if you are arrogant or have bad manners, we will refuse your reservation.

As a final confirmation of the reservation, apart from the confirmation email from the reservation system, the reservation staff will contact you by phone or email about 3 days in advance. If you do not contact us at least one day before your reservation, we may cancel your reservation. Please note.

* Payment *
● Payment is cashless payment only. Please refrain from cash settlement.
We use "contactless payment", which allows you to complete the payment just by calling out after meals. Please enter your card information on the reservation confirmation screen.
✅ Click here for details on contactless payments.

● Course meal time Seats are available only for those who enjoy course meals. Those who do not take the course are not allowed to use it.
● If you have a wide range of allergies, or if you cannot contact us due to an incomplete phone number or email address, we may decline your reservation. Thank you for your understanding.
● In the unlikely event that you are late or leave the store halfway, you may not be able to offer part of the course. Please arrive at the reserved time.
● Explanation of seats
Counter (chef's table) = 4 people side by side Counter table with kitchen in front = 2 seats table

◆ Cancellation policy ◆ Regulations for cancellation and reduction of the number of people

* Reservations, cancellations and number of people for 5 people or more We accept changes and reservation time changes by email or by using the dedicated dial. We may not be able to answer the phone depending on the situation on the day. If you cannot reach us by phone, please contact us by email.
✉︎: info@nol.jp
☎︎: 090-7288-0622


At the time of booking, we will ask you in detail about allergies to ingredients, ingredients that you cannot eat, etc. If you do not make a request at the time of booking, you may not be able to change it on the day. Please check with your companion.

* If you make a request when you come to the restaurant without mentioning your weaknesses or allergies in the request column, we may not be able to accept your request or you may be charged an additional fee.

Request column Example: Allergies, Ingredients that you are not good at, Fish and shellfish (Stock ○, Stock ×), Meat (Stock ○, Stock ×), Nuts, Dairy products, Wheat flour, Green onions, Raw ingredients, Pregnancy, Ingredients to be reserved, etc.

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