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<About reservations> ・ Reservations are accepted from this reservation site. Telephone reservations are basically not accepted.・ We will start making reservations 3 months in advance on the 1st of every month. ・ Our shop starts at 12:00 and 18:00 all at once.・ Our shop will prepare to serve the best food according to the start time of cooking. Also, since it starts all at once, if you are late, it may cause inconvenience to other customers. Please do not be late as much as possible.・ If you cannot contact us after 15 minutes of reservation time, we may cancel your reservation, so please be sure to contact us. <About charter> ・ The counter seats can be reserved for 6 people. If you make a reservation for 6 people using this reservation form, the reservation will be automatically reserved. ・ The use of private rooms is scheduled to start in the summer of 2021. Children> ・ Available for children who can enjoy meals as well as adults.・ Small children can be reserved or only private rooms are available.・ No meals are available for children. Only when reserved, you can bring in meals for small children.・ <Cancellation> ・ Cancellation of reservation ・ Cancellation fee will be charged for date change from 7 to 4 days before reservation time: 30% of cooking fee 3 days before reservation time ~ On the day: 100% of the cooking fee <Payment> ・ Payment is basically accepted at the store on the day.・ Cash and various cards can be used.・ In case of cancellation, the cancellation fee according to the above cancellation policy will be paid from the card information received at the time of reservation. <About bringing in> ~ 750ml / 4 go bottles 4000 yen / book Magnum / 1 box bottle 7000 yen / book <Others> Our shop offers handmade soba noodles. Buckwheat flour may be floating in the store. Please refrain from those with extreme soba allergies. Please take off your shoes and enter the store. Photography is possible. Please do not disturb other customers. If there are too many ingredients that cannot be eaten, we may not be able to handle them. Please note that we may cancel your reservation even after it is confirmed. Please refrain from using excessive perfumes and fabric softeners, using mobile phone calls at the counter, and any other actions that may cause inconvenience to other customers.



例 海老・身はNGだが出汁はOK・1名
例 魚・生はNGだが火が通っていればOK・1名
例 蕎麦・アレルギーのためNG・1名


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