Le Musee

Reservation reception time
・Lunch 12:00
・Dinner 18:30 *Doors open at 18:00
*The start time may be changed due to the circumstances of the restaurant.
*Both lunch and dinner will start at the same time, so please come with plenty of time to spare.
*We provide dishes according to customers who arrive on time, so please understand that if you are late, some dishes may be covered, or some dishes may not be available.
*If you are unable to make your reservation on time, or if your arrival is delayed, please contact the store.

▶We cannot answer the phone before or during business hours.
▶If you do not contact us more than 15 minutes late, we will cancel your reservation.
▶Since we only have a limited number of seats, we accept reservations for 2 or more people. note that.
*Number of people that can be reserved Lunch: Up to 6 people Dinner: Up to 8 people
▶Please note that we do not support special courses.

Contact: reservation@musee-co.com